At A&L we are expert trip designers that understand our clients’ different preferences.
These are the ingredients of your next adventure trip in Argentina:
Select the activity level that best suits your fitness training.
Choose walking, hiking, trekking or biking trip. Or combine different activities for a multi-active adventure trip.
Let us know if your travel style is boutique, casual or explorer.

Customize your adventure right now!



Customize experience Tailor-made trips easy adventure and landscape

Suitable for people who enjoy an active lifestyle, such as daily walks. These trips do not require specific training or previous experience.


Customize experience Customized tours moderate adventure and landscape

Designed for travellers with a previous experience in the chosen activity, train regularly and feel comfortable with 3 to 5 hours moving in the outdoors on uneven or sloping terrain.


Customize experience Custom-tailored intense experiences adventure and landscape

For people who train on a daily basis, have the required technical skills for the chosen activity and enjoy being active for more than 6 hours a day while moving over irregular terrain with climbs and descents.



Customize experience waking Nature walk


walking experiences in Argentina

1 to 5 km per day on country lanes, through vineyards or well-trodden paths.

trail experiences in Argentina

1 to 2 hours per day, on mostly on flat ground, no previous training required.

walking holidays experiences in Argentina

Wear comfortable clothes, a hat and training shoes. Carry your water bottle.


EASY to moderate

hiking experiences in Argentina

4 to 12 km per day exploring different environments on foot.

mountains experiences in Argentina

3 to 6 hours per day on mountain, jungle or desert paths.

outdoors exploration experiences in Argentina

Carry a day pack with water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent and a snack. Wear hiking shoes, outdoor clothing in 3 layers. We suggest using trekking poles.



trekking expeditions experiences in Argentina

8 to 20 km per day on remote and trails with climbs and descents.

trekking adventure experiences in Argentina

2-days minimum trekking in mountain trails and requiring good fitness level.

mountain trekking experiences in Argentina

Carry your daypack with water, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent and a food. Wear trekking boots, outdoor thermic, warm and quick dry clothes in multiple layers. Use trekking poles. Porters will transport your extra clothing and sleeping bag.


moderate or intense

bike tours experiences in Argentina

40 to 70 km a day, biking on gravel or paved roads with a support vehicle and mechanic.

adventure biking experiences in Argentina

4 to 6 hours a day on rolling with a few climbs. For people with biking experience.

mountain biking experiences in Argentina

Wear biking gear in layers to adapt to multiple weathers in one day.



The best small hotels.


Comfortable posadas and inns.


Simple refuges or rural homestays.