Photography, colonial towns, landscapes and wine

Discover the Calchaquí Valley through your lens. A place full of history that combines, like no other in Argentina, wild nature, centenary villages, altitude wines and magnificent landscapes.

Capture the light, being at the best place at the best time. Guided by landscape photographer Ossian Lindholm photograph the Andean textures, colours and culture.

An adventure for those who travel to learn, photograph highlights while enjoying boutique locations, great wines, food and local culture. Ossian Lindholm is an Argentina nature and landscape photographer. He is passionate about conservation and leads nature photo tours in Argentina’s remote landscapes. He has published several photography books and offers photography workshops in Argentina and in the USA.


Layers of mountains that create different shades.

Test your skills photographing condors soaring high.

Altitude wineries and vineyards.

Coloured layers of the Andes Mountains.

Adobe whitewashed haciendas and villages.


Day 1

CITY LANDSCAPES. Afternoon city walk, learning history and discovering the local culture.

Day 2

RED MOUNTAINS. Immerse in a landscape of geoformations carved by water and wind in Cafayate. Wineries and vineyards, photos and tasting.

Day 3

SANDUNES. Watch sunrise on white sand. Capture the mountains as their red colour turn bright during the late afternoon. Evening dinner with Andean ingredients.

Day 4

RUTA 40. A day to test photographic skills capturing landscapes, crafts, ancient adobe buildings, and colourful ponchos. Evening in Cachi.

Day 5

NEVADO DE CACHI. Capture sunrise on the snowcapped mountains. Walk in agriculture fields. Archaeological evidence. Vineyards in Cachi.

Day 6

DESERT TO JUNGLE. Morning photo expedition through a changing land. Los Cardones National Park, Cerro Tintin, Cuesta del Obispo, and Valle Encantado. Enjoy lunch in Chicoana. Continue to Salta.