Frequent Asked Questions

By Activity, we are referring to the things we do with our mind and body during a trip.

Cultural Activities: Learning how to spin a llama’s wool, how to cook in a clay oven or even make your wine blend.

Outdoor Activities: Interpretational walks in a natural outdoor environment, bird watching, or interpretation of geological formations.

Physical Activities: when the center of the experience requires a physical movement such as Hiking, Trekking, Horse riding, Kayak, Rafting, canoeing or biking.

A&L’s trips are active and ideal for those who enjoy moving, and in general, prefer not to limit to sit/car travelling only.

Easy: This grade is suitable for active travelers who are reasonably fit and enjoy moderate hikes, those who are used to walking and moving in their daily life. It does not require previous experience. 

Moderate: The activities in these trips demand a minimum level of physical training experience; the duration may have a minimum 3 hours length or the field could have some level of complexity such as rough terrain types or uneven / sloping ground. This level is ideal for those who do weekly trainings and enjoy medium physical activity. 

Challenging: These itineraries have an expedition style and require a good level of training and fitness. In addition, sometimes we may travel to remote and pristine places, with poor signal service and simple accommodations such as Mountain huts, tents/domes. Despite it does not require specific technical knowledge; these trips are designed for those who train at least 3 times a week. 

Walks: Between 15 minutes up to 1 hour, mainly on a flat ground for which no training is required. Perfect for those who do light walks on a normal daily basis. There is no need of special equipment, just comfortable cloth and sneakers / training shoes.

Hiking: From 3 hours up to 8 hours length at mountain, jungle or dessert paths. A variety of different terrain types will be part of the track, such as slope, rough or irregular tracks. General equipment for Hiking is Water bottle, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, hiking shoes/boots, Trekking poles, quick dry clothing and multiple layers, mosquito repellent, warm outdoor cloth based on the climate. 

Trekking: A minimum 2-day trail where good level of physical training is needed, remote and possibly unmarked paths at mountains, rivers, woods, jungle, canyons, coasts, rivers, etc. may be part of the experience. The equipment for this activity includes; adequate trekking backpack with compartments for water bottle, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, trekking shoes, trekking poles, thermic, warm and quick dry clothes, mosquito repellent. It could also require a sleeping bag, tent and cooking elements.

On our easy and moderate trips, we usually spend half day in activity and the rest of the day, either travelling from one place to the other if necessary, or relaxing and enjoying the stay at the chosen lodge. We encourage our travelers to take the time to explore the area on their own and connect with the visited destination.

On the other hand, challenging trips will include from 6 up to 8 hours of daily activity, which may have different level of difficulty, but these trips will always take place in outdoor and natural environments.

A&L will always try to adapt to the various diet restrictions of our travelers, however due to the nature of the trips we do, sometimes it might be difficult or not possible to adapt to a wide variety of diets. If you have an specific diet requirement, please reach out to us to see if it is possible to adequate to it depending on the itinerary of interest. It is important to understand the complexity of the trips we organize, which sometimes involve remote zones where we will not be able to provide special menus or multiple meals options.

A&L will give a list of necessary clothe and equipment for each traveler according to each type of trip, destination and climate. We recommend comfortable clothing and layers, which will allow a smooth acclimation to the change of temperatures that are part of the outdoor world and natural environment activities.

It will depend on the chosen Itinerary, but in general, an strategic and good selection of clothing is recommended, along with a medium size luggage and a handbag medium backpack that can be used later for daily walks/hiking in which a sunscreen, water bottle, snacks and other basic elements can be carried.

Our itineraries are design for adults and active travelers from 14 year olds onwards. We only accept underage kids (-18) if they are travelling with their parents or legal guardian. As well in these cases, we recommend a private trip so the itinerary is tailor-made and can adapt to the family young members more accordingly.

It is a way of traveling in which the social and environmental impacts are contemplated. The goal of responsible tourism is to minimize as much as possible the negative impacts such as ecosystem and biodiversity damage, social rupture or patrimony destructing, tourist exploitation and other negative effects. 

Responsible Tourism consists of strategic and management planning, execution and development of sustainable actions, which will benefit the local community and diminish the adverse effects of the tourism industry.

At A&L we strongly encourage and support Responsible Tourism in our trips. We teach and advise our clients to traveling differently; connecting with the area, choosing longer stays (slow-travel), working with local guides who share our values, local accommodations, as we aim to collaborate with the economy of the visited destination.

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